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Rote Island Dream: Bo’a Vida Resort

Rote Island Dream: Bo’a Vida Resort

Imagine a secluded resort perched above the hills, overlooking white sandy beaches, basking in the surrounding beauty of Pulau Rote… Imagine a tree house, built with the warmest wood, and a room with no walls, open to the sunshine, the breeze and the stars. This is the captivating setting of Boa Vida resort in Rote island which I had the chance to call home for a few nights… Exploring Rote island with my partner Phil – Read the story here – we set off for a romantic time to the secluded hills of Bo’a Vida, a luxury eco resort located on the West part of Rote island. Built entirely with local natural materials and running on solar panel energy, Bo’a Vida has the irresistible charm of complementing the beautiful nature surrounding it.

Arriving at Bo’a was like stepping into a whole new part of our holiday. The very special light, the views, the nature surrounding us and the incredible beauty and serenity of this place are hard to describe. With its red soil and natural and warm tones, the resort reminded me of Africa

Image of the pathway at Boa Vida resort in Rote island

The pathway to our treehouse

The Treehouse

Our nest for the next 3 nights was to be a gorgeous treehouse, overlooking the ocean. Although the resort is secluded, the level of comfort and the attention to details at Bo’a is truly remarkable. This is a real luxury retreat: from the freshly scented towels in the bathroom to the delicious and healthy meals prepared daily by the Chef, the exquisite tropical decoration and the in-house masseuse.

Image of the lounge area at Boa Vida resort in Rote island

Our sunny lounge

Image of the bedroom in the treehouse at Boa Vida resort in Rote island

The dreamy bedroom

Image of Phil reading a book in the bedroom at Boa Vida resort in Rote Island

Moments of peace

Image of the natural stone bathroom at Boa Vida resort in Rote Island

The Natural Bathroom

Image of the surf break viewed form the balcony at Boa Vida resort

View from the bedroom’s balcon

Bo’a Vida’s world class surf break

Stepping outside of Bo’a, a stunning white sandy beach runs for miles, while Boa’s world class wave breaks right in front of the resort. We were stunned to discover that pro surfers Marlon Gerber and Asher pace were casually riding it during our stay and Phil happily joined in! ?

Image of Phil carrying a surf board at Boa Vida resort

Casually sneaking out…

Image of Phil watching the waves at Boa Vida resort in Rote island

Boa’s famous break

A natural dream

While Phil was making waves, I went for a long walk along the stunning sandy beach. I also enjoyed a swim to the secret beach right below the resort, secret as it’s only revealed at low tide! Mother Nature’s beauty was all around, completely unspoilt… Picking up seashells on my way back, I felt grateful for the simple joy of being here, surrounded by the incredible nature.

Image of the secluded beach at Boa Vida resort in Rote Island

Secret Beach

Image of a basket of seashells

My seashells harvest

As the sun was setting in Bo’a Vida, we were just overwhelmed by the exceptional beauty and serenity of this place, feeling incredibly grateful to witness it.

Image of the surf break at Boa Vida resort in Rote Island

Surf break Boa Vida

What makes Bo’a Vida truly special however is its timelessness: time here seemed as if suspended, while we felt a mix of peace, happiness and wonder for having the chance to stay in such a magic place

Image of the sunset at Boa Vida resort in Rote Island

A special place

Image of the bale at sunset at Boa Vida resort in Rote Island

Sunset Bo’a

I hope you enjoyed this story. I certainly loved sharing it, as memories of this incredible place and our time there arose…Bo’a Vida is simply unique and unforgettable! xoxo – The Tropical Nomad –

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