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A Jamaican born east Londoner in Toronto!

I’ve always wanted to live abroad and I was open to many places, however Canada had a less vigorous process and fewer restrictions. Under the International Exchange Canada (IEC), also known as the Working Holiday Visa you can live and work in Canada for up to 2 years. If after 1 year you claim this land as your own forevermore, you can apply for Permanent Residency.

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Senegal 2019: From Dakar to Saint-Louis!

Explore the mystery of Senegal’s unexpected treasures, winding alleyways, and stunning natural beauty. The pearl of West Africa. its culture – from dynamic Dakar ,to the blasting sounds of Saint-Louis Jazz Festival. – is a unique fusion of its African, muslim and Colonial heritage. Senegalese are Humble, happy and eager to help, probably among the friendliest people in the the region. You’ll encounter children with beaming smiles, resourceful fishermen and warm motherly types that are happy to see you enjoy their country. Traveling in this country opens your eyes to a different. infectiously happy and welcoming side Africa.

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The Perfect Hotel for Budget Travelers in The Maldives

With just a mention of The Maldives, heads fill with dreamy visions of pristine coastlines, attractive overwater bungalows and images of incredible marine life that exist under the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. It’s the type of place I daydreamed about escaping to when contemplating quitting my job. (Fun fact: I really did quit my job and travelled to The Maldives). So it’s no wonder why travelers alike, find this archipelago an obvious destination for the vacation of a lifetime. And despite popular belief, you don’t have to break the bank experiencing 5-star service in this South Asian treasure. My week-long stay at The Sunrise Huraa, proved just that!

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