These days, we use our phones for a lot more than just communication. It’s probably true for the majority of us that phone calls are probably the last reason we carry our devices. But our phones can do more for us than supply us with new memes and never-ending Instagram stories. There’s an ever-growing list of apps that are ideal for travelers, from the initial planning stages of your trip to wrapping up finances at the end of your journey.

Obviously you’ve heard of ultra-necessary apps like, Skyscanner and Google Maps. We’ve rounded up a few more apps that you may not have downloaded yet that we have personally found to make our adventures run a little smoother.

Google Translate

We are definitely proponents for doing your best to communicate with locals in their native tongue, but not all of us are skilled linguists. After downloading your desired language packs, this app can help you with translating a wide range of languages, even without a data connection. Can’t read a sign or menu? Just open the camera feature and snap a pic – the app will translate the text for you. Not sure how to pronounce something? Google Translate even has a sound option for those trickier translations.

Fancy Units

I know there are specific currency converter apps out there, but Fancy Units does a lot more than just currency. For those of us (Americans) who are still using miles and Fahrenheit, the length, speed and temperature conversion options are super handy while abroad. You can compare up to three currencies at a time, and the design is clean, color-coded and beautiful.


This is the ideal app for those instances when you are traveling with a friend or a group. When it comes to sharing expenses, traveling with friends can rack up a lot of IOUs, and it’s tricky when you’re dealing with one currency – not to mention when you’re switching from USD to rupiah to baht and back. Enter Splitwise. You can keep track of each expense, and at the end of the trip, the app will do all the math for you. It saves time…and quite possibly, your relationships.

Cool Cousin

Sure, we love TripAdvisor, but sometimes you have to sift through a lot of dirt to find a gem. Cool Cousin offers unexpected, hip spots recommended by savvy, trendsetting locals. If you’re looking to get away from the tourist track, check in with Cool Cousin.


This app in no ordinary route planner app. For those of us who like to get a little exercise and get to know a new place on foot, Sidekix helps you plan the best way to get somewhere, based on your interests and preferences. Headed to a nearby art gallery but want to grab a coffee first? Sidekix has curated suggestions from in-the-know locals, so you can get the most out of your wanderings.


We all know and love Airbnb for it’s ability to score us some of our favorite unique villas and hotels around the world. They have now launched their in-app Trips feature to offer specialized experiences. From cooking to art classes, the feature allows you to select experiences hosted by locals, giving you the opportunity to truly be a part of the community you’re visiting.
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Smooth travels, kids!

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